Two New Room Being Added to Escape Rooms in Wichita

Have you completed (or in some cases failed) all the Escape Room offerings in town? Good news is on the way!

Puzzle Plex (reviewed here) has a new room coming in August called Project 403!

The premise of the room according to their website is as follows:

The United States military has contracted us to test the effects of high stress on the human mind. They do not want to risk any of their own personnel, so that is where you come in! You will be subjected to various stimuli, while testing, and A.I.D.A. will monitor your progress. Not to worry, she will record every moment so that if anything happens, we can give a detailed visual record to the paramedics. Do your part and submit to testing today!

Be sure to follow Puzzle Plex on Facebook to stay up to date with the official opening date of the new room.

Then over at Wichita Room Escape (reviewed here), their new room has a name and it’s called The Barber Shop!

No premise for the room has been made available but yet but if it’s anything like the other Wichita Room Escape offerings, it’s sure to be fun.

You can stay up to date on their rooms at their website.

Very exciting news for Escape Room fans in Wichita. I know my brothers and friends are eagerly anticipating more rooms to open up as we’ve already tried every one in town.

Once we get more info, we will be sure to pass it along here or on any of our social media outlets.

Stay Tuned!


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