Food Truck: Garden of Eatin’ Food Company Review (CLOSED)

A little over two months ago, we tried out Garden of Eatin’ Food Company and gave it rave reviews. We were surprised by the quality of food and just loved our experience at their brick and mortar restaurant.

Well did you know that they also have a food truck? If not, they do and it serves much of the same you can find at their stand alone restaurant.

First of all, make sure you like them on Facebook to see where they will be at.

One a random trip out to try some food truck food, I came across their food truck and figured why not give them a try. Certainly their food can’t be much different, right?

For starters, their menu is a limited version of what you can find at their store which makes sense given the amount of space they have to work with.

I decided to go with the Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich with their magical and famous Potato Salad along with an additional side of Golden Beet & Orange Salad. I’ve never had Beet salad and figured why not give it a chance.

….and to no surprise, the food was delicious. The sandwich had so much chicken salad inside it that some of the meat would fall out of the sandwich but my helpful fork was able to score the assist on making sure my taste buds remained happy. The cranberries really complimented the chicken salad to give it a nice sour bite while the pecans gave the sandwich some crunch to it. Overall just a fantastic mixture of food put into a simple sandwich.

If you read my last review on Garden of Eatin’, then there are no words left to describe how much I love their potato salad. It was a foregone conclusion I was going to order it the moment I walked up to their stand.

As for the Golden Beet and Orange Salad, it was not for me. I gave it an honest shot but just couldn’t get over my disdain for beets. Fortunately there was a coworker by me who loves beets and took over the side for me. She loved it so I was glad to find the Golden Beet and Orange Salad a new home where it was accepted.

All in all, the quality of food at the trucks matched the restaurant to a T. You can’t go wrong with either spot you’re at.

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