John’s Pita Bakery: Restaurant Style Pita In Your Kitchen

Have you ever gone to one of your favorite restaurants in town, order some hummus, starting chowing down and ask yourself, “Where can I get this delicious pita bread?”

It was brought to my attention that you actually can!

I was recently introduced to John’s Pita Bakery. They bake the pita bread that can be found all over Wichita. It’s at such restaurants like Bella Luna, N&J’s, Cafe Maurice, College Hill Deli, Sabor, Byblos, Public, Meddy’s, Kabob’s, Taste and See………..seriously everywhere. Being available at some of the best restaurants in town is a true testament to just how good their pita bread is and having is made here locally in Wichita is a big plus.

If you’re looking to buy some of their delicious pita, it can be found at such places like N&J Bakery, World Food Market, Whole Foods and Green Acres. The price ranges from $2.50 – $3.00. While at Green Acres, I found it for $2.99. I gave the cashier my Dillon’s Plus Card and was given this awkward look. My price was still $2.99 surprisingly enough.

One of the major benefits of the pita bread is it’s made with no preservatives; it’s all natural. I know there are a lot of health nuts who would love that.

For $3, the price is very comparable to any other pita bread or pita chip you can find in stores. Even better when you take into account the quality you’re getting versus something that isn’t as fresh.

Quality-wise, it tasted great. After heating it up for a handful of seconds, it was warm and great to use as a dipper for some hummus. I gave a pack to my cousin who was also a big fan of it. It was great to finally find out this pita bread can be purchased in stores. I was so used to finding whatever I could get my hands on to eat hummus with.

If you’re in the market for some pita bread, go for the best quality you can get especially since the price is right about the same. Get yourself John’s Pita Bakery pita bread.

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