Oreo Churros: Lot of Hype But That’s It

Welcome to something new to Wichita By E.B. – It’s product reviews. Every now and then a new product will hit the stores of Wichita. If it’s good enough to catch the eyes of either myself or a family member we will likely waste our money and give it a try.

Our first Product Review is……(drumroll please)….. Oreo Churros.

Oreo Churros debuted in 2014 and were originally only found at sports stadiums, amusement parks, and select convenience stores. Since then, the popularity grew enough that J&J Snack Foods decided to start making them available to as much of the general public as they could.

……….and they have finally arrived in Wichita.

The item is described as “American’s favorite cookie is now available as a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate stuffed churro. With a crispy exterior, real creme filling, and Oreo cookie pieces in every bite, these churros have a just-baked Oreo cookie taste.”

Usually when people think Churro they think one long Churro that is about six inches or so long. These Oreo Churros are basically just Churro “bites”, not full sized. They also aren’t purchased ready to eat, you have to cook them before.

For starters, I have only seen the Oreo Churros available at Wal-Marts around town in the freezer section for roughly $3 which includes a box of 20 bites.

I purchased a box and took them over to my brother’s house. We had a bunch of people ready to try all the way from ages one on up.

We set the over for 450 degrees and placed all twenty bites on a pan. It took around 8 minutes for them to bake.

Once they are completed, there’s a separate sugar coating you can put on them. We gave it a go and the sugar coating would almost immediately fall off once we picked each Churro bite up.

We passed them around to the kids and all the adults……. and seriously, not a single person liked them. The creme filling inside was very minimal. The box makes it look like there’s so much creme filling just oozing out but the finished product looked nothing like that. With the sugar coating falling off, all you could taste was the oreo cookie which had a very rubbery texture and cardboard like flavor. We know because we were all raised on cardboard growing up.

The Oreo Churros were cooked according to the instructions and were a complete three dollar letdown. There wasn’t enough sugar coating provided to add enough flavor to take away from the blandness.

It was a complete letdown and everybody was disappointed. Who doesn’t love Oreos? Who doesn’t love Churros? This sounded like the perfect combination and unfortunately J&J Snack Foods did not deliver for us.

We cannot recommend this product to anybody.

We have a bunch left if anybody would like them……


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