Rita’s Italian Ice Now Offering Ice Flights!

Have you ever gone to get some Italian Ice and can’t choose which flavor to choose from? You see the whole display of so many tempting flavors and just want them all? Do you bring kids and they just stand there unable to make a decision?

Well Rita’s Italian Ice has a new option out there for those indecisive folks like yourself or even my nieces, it’s called Ice Flights!

Ice Flights are simple plastic containers that can house four different flavors (or all of one if you want to be technical).

In bringing my nieces out for our monthly trip for Italian Ice, it was the perfect solution as they are always taking their sweet time sampling as many flavors as they can to the point they get full.

At the price of $3.25 per Ice Flight, my nieces picked nearly every single flavor offered to fill up the eight spots between them. From there, it was game on for the girls as they tried all the flavors as well as mix and matched them. It was great and quite possibly their favorite time at Rita’s Italian Ice!

A literal sweet solution!

Happy Dining!

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