Bonefish Grill’s New Fall Seasonal Menu

As anybody knows, seafood is one of those rare food types where really good options can be found at a high quality.

One of those places I frequent is Bonefish Grill. They’ve recently put out their new seasonal fall menu so my friend and I decided to stop by and check it out on a weekday afternoon.

Of course any meal starts off with a couple conversation drinks. We had their Fall Apple Martini and Fresh Pear Martini. Their Fresh Pear Martini was not so heavy on a pear taste; it definitely put the fresh in refreshing. Meanwhile the Fall Apple Martini was light on all the flavors. From the honey to the apple to the cinnamon, not one ingredient was so overbearing it took away from the drink. Great way to start our meals.

From glancing at their specials for the day, I went with the Cedar Plank Bourbon Salmon while my friend went with the Wild Snapper and Shrimp.

As usual both items came out in great timing.

This was my first time ever having salmon served on a cedar plank. I’m used to eating my salmon raw or lightly cooked; that’s usually my preference. So having it cooked with a crisp and topped with a fall maple and Jim Beam bourbon glaze was a surprisingly pleasant experience. It had such a nice crisp while still tender. The jasmine rice was a nice filler to go along with it. The Wild Snapper and Shrimp was a light but filling dinner. The warm chorizo “mojo” sauce was a great; it was a wonderful topper that really stuck out. It was my friend’s first time having snapper and she loved it. It didn’t have a fishy taste to it at all which can really turn off some people who are worried about trying fish.

Once again it was a another winner of a visit to Bonefish Grill.

Remember Bonefish Grill is located at 10250 E 13th street in the Waterfront!

Happy Dining!


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