Fetch Bistro Review: Where All Dogs Are Welcome

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a dog-friendly cafe that’s now open in Wichita. It’s called Fetch Bistro located in the former Pacific Coast Pizza spot at 37th and Rock Road.

I have actually gone twice over the past couple weeks to get a feel for what it was like and totally because it was close to work. When you walk inside, the layout is exactly like the old pizza spot. Let’s hope the service is better than Pacific Coast….

Quick Scoop:
7718 E 37th St N, Ste 500
Wichita, KS 67226

Open Daily 5:30am – 2:30pm

Website – Menu available online

Cash/Card Accepted – Wi-Fi Available


Fetch Bistro serves home style breakfast and lunch items. The menu which can be found on their website is pretty simple with an assortment of breakfast items, sandwiches and entrees like chicken fried chicken, steak dinners and roast beef dinners.

There is a spacious patio for your canine to hang out at as well.

I don’t own any dogs so on my first visit, I brought my dawgs with me. I enlisted the help of two buddies of mine who were able to go on a whim. On that visit, we ordered the Reuben, French Dip, Eggs and Bacon, and French Toast.

Eggs and Bacon


Frenh Dip
French Toast

The Reuben was pretty tasty; so much meat in between the slices of rye bread. They didn’t overdo it on the kraut so I was very happy with what I ordered. The fries were excellent as well. My friends ended up eating many of my fries so they were either 1.) Fans of the fries or 2.) Those greedy bullying grade school kids that would steal peoples lunch. I would aim for the latter but others would probably say otherwise. There was a nice ranch seasoning over the fries which gave it that extra kick.

My friend found his French Dip to be a bit on the fatty side. He ended up not finishing his entire lunch.

Lastly, my friend who ordered the French Toast labeled it as “the best French Toast I’ve ever had. Delicious thick pieces of bread along with very thick pieces of bacon.”

As for our service, our server took care of all of our needs. She was a little too “in your face” and “peppy” for our taste but she worked hard and it showed.

On the next visit, I was joined by a handful of co-workers for lunch. We went with the Meatball Sub, Big Dog Burger, Corned Beef hash, Grilled Chicken Strips, Chicken Noodle Soup and Banana Nut Envie.

Meatball Sub
Corned Beef Hash


Big Dog Burger
Grilled Chicken Strips


Banana Nut Envie

Two guys ended up going with the Meatball Sub. One said the meatballs were very tasty but the roll was wet and sloppy. The other mentioned many of the same sentiments including the sauce was a little thick and the bread didn’t hold up. The meatballs were still wonderful. Both liked the fries but found them to be a little salty for their taste.

The Corned Beef Hash was really good quality. While he would have preferred to have a more crispy texture to the hash, he still enjoyed his meal and would try it again.

Another colleague had the grilled chicken strips and chicken noodle soup (no picture taken). He said the chicken was on the average side and overly chewy. While the corn was good, the best part was the chicken noodle soup which was excellent.

The Big Dog Burger was, in my colleague’s opinion, just another burger to him. Keep in mind, he’s admittedly one of the blandest of eaters I know. If you ask him how he liked his food, he’ll just shrug his shoulders. Getting opinions out of him is like getting me to drink a glass of milk, it’s not going to happen.

I had the Banana Nut Envie which was simply banana nut bread french toast. The presentation was five stars. The first few bites were rich and delicious as well. I gave some to a co-worker who loved it. Here’s where the problem started, after the first few bites, it started to get too sweet for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome but it’s a meal best shared with someone or saved for dessert. Overall it was just too much for me for lunch. I needed to “borrow” some fries to counteract the taste.

The service was even better the second time around. When we were checking out, they gave us frequent visitor punch cards that I didn’t receive the first time. You essentially get a punch for every visit you spend over $9. After 9 or so visits, the next meal is free.

On both visits, there were some hits and there were some misses. Everybody said they would go again and it could end up being in our rotation of lunches simply for the convenience of location. The people there are extremely nice which alone was enough for us to consider a second (or in my case) a third go around.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Happy Dining!


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