Adrian’s Lunch Buffet Review (CLOSED)

It’s been almost a couple years since we last covered Adrian’s. After chatting with a friend on where to go for lunch, we decided on Adrian’s so it was to my surprise when I found out they had a lunch buffet. It sounded like the perfect time for another lunch review.

Quick Scoop:
2121 N Rock Road #300
Wichita, KS 67206
Lunch Buffet Monday – Friday – 11am – 2pm
Lunch Buffet Saturday & Sunday – 11am – 3am
Website – Menu available online
Cash/Card Accepted


For starters, it’s a $11.99 lunch buffet offered everyday of the week.

Here’s pictures of everything they offered that day.

There were many options of favorite Mediterranean staples like fattoush salad, hummus, and tabbouleh. Other dishes on their menu can be found like tilapia, pork with butternut squash, eggplant stew and beef stroganoff.

For $11.99, they had great offering of Mediterranean food that would normally run you $11.99 for just one plate of one item with a salad. We ran through the line a couple times and tried a little bit of everything. It wasn’t like other lunch buffets where you the food feels so heavy once you’re done.

Even with the stroganoff, pasta salad and hummus, it all felt fairly light and we left completely satisfied. The food quality was fantastic and the staff did a great job of getting fresh food out on the line. Service was quick and friendly; they essentially had all the tools put together on a fantastic lunch outing.

I can definitely give this lunch buffet a recommendation from Wichita By E.B. It’s worth the $11.99 + tax + tip if you’re wanting to try an assortment on Mediterranean foods.

For our regular review on Adrian’s from 2015, head here.

Happy Dining!


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