Bonefish Grill’s New Spring Menu

It’s Lent which for some people means eating more fish on Fridays.

This gave some family members and I a reason to try Bonefish Grill’s new Spring menu to pass the word on to not just other family members but all of you on another quality option for fish in Wichita.

On our visit to Bonefish Grill, we ordered three featured items on their Spring Menu. Take a look at these delicious offerings:

Georges Bank Sea Scallops


Cedar Plank Norwegian Salmon


Rockefeller Atlantic Cobia

The Georges Bank Sea Scallops were laid out on a bed of parmesan risotto. We’re all huge scallops fans and Bonefish Grill always leaves us satisfied with their tender and succulent scallops that are full of flavor. There aren’t too many places around town that do it right but Bonefish is certainly one of them.

The Cedar Plank Nowegian Salmon is something we’ve had before but obviously good enough again for us to try another time. The salmon is roasted on a cedar plank and topped with a sweet honey and savory Dijon.

Then there was the big favorite of the three: the Rockefeller Atlantic Cobia. This was our first time ever trying Cobia. We were surprised how firm and tender the fish was as well as being very light yet filling. It was topped with creamy spinach and lump crab which was like having a cherry on top. Just amazing.

And what would any meal be without drinks?

They had a Wild Orchid Hawaiian Martini and Pomegranate & Sage Martini on special. The favorite of the two was the former. I was told it tasted like the fruity syrup they use on snowcones but not so sugary and thick; something people could order multiples of and enjoy.

It was another excellent trip to Bonefish Grill for us. Here’s their Spring menu for those interested:

Happy Dining!


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