Twinkies Ice Cream Cone

It seemed like yesterday that Hostess filed for bankruptcy, the Twinkies were ended and becoming that hard to find delicacy in grocery stores.

Next think you know, they were back and hotter than ever. They even released the Deep Fried Twinkies in grocery stores. Now Hostess is back with their latest creation: Twinkies Ice Cream Cones.

The Twinkie cone is filled with creamy Twinkie-flavored ice cream and topped with golden sponge cake crumbles. A box contains four cones and will cost about $4.49.

They also have Sno Balls and Ding Dogs at participating grocery stores. For this particular product review, we stuck with the Twinkies cones. The MSRP on these are $4.49 so for Dillon’s to mark up the price and then try to trick shoppers with the $4.49 price was some shady business.

Twinkie Cones!

I bought a box and immediately took them over to my niece and nephew as taste testers.

Inside the box is are four individually wrapped Twinkie cones.

I was a little surprised to see how small they were. I was expecting something a little bigger but my niece and nephew were completely excited.

Keep in mind my nephew is two years old and has no knowledge of what a Twinkie is. Call it ice cream though and he’s instantly your best friend.

After unwrapping it, we came upon this delicious snack:

These were surprisingly much better than the Deep Fried Twinkies my family had last year. These actually tasted like Twinkies as they should. Everything from the golden cake sponge cake topping to the cream flavored ice cream screamed Twinkie.

I have to hand it to Hostess for nailing this one. The kids enjoyed their Twinkie cones but they also enjoy playing in big cardboard boxes so the bar has been set pretty low for them.

We can give four thumbs up for the Twinkies Ice Cream Cones. Up next, Ding Dongs!

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