When Animals Broke Into My House: A Review on Kansas Wildlife Professionals

Word of mouth is the best way for a business to thrive. I wanted to take this time to tell you a story of an issue I had and the company I used to remedy the situation.

Let me take you back to a couple weeks ago. It was in the middle of the night and I was in a deep sleep. This was all during a terrible thunderstorm. All of the sudden I woke up and could hear banging on my roof and noises in my house. It… freaked…. me…. out. The noises in my house started getting louder and louder.

I did what any sane person would do at 3 am in a daze. I grabbed the biggest weapon I could find by my bedside: the TV remote. Anybody who knows me knows I’m not an intimidating looking person. Put a TV remote in my hand and it gets even worse. As I walked out of my bedroom with weapon in hand, I probably looked like the poor soul in every horror movie that makes you say, “This idiot is going to die.” I should have just stayed in my bed and hid under the covers.

As I tiptoed around my house, nothing looked alarming. I quickly made my way back to bed, contemplated watching Saved by the Bell reruns on Netflix but instead decided to sleep before work the next day. That morning I told my story to some colleagues and a co-worker told me it must have been trees or leaves banging against the house because of the winds. It made sense in my head but then again, so does buying deviled eggs at 2 am in a gas station in Parsons, KS. True story. I thought nothing again of that fateful evening.

Fast forward a week later and I’m at home watching TV. All the sudden I heard a banging sound coming from my ceiling. The sound of footsteps scurried across the ceiling from one end to another. It happened again. I thought to myself, “Oh sh*t.” It was some heavy sounding steps like a dog or even worse…… a raccoon. I put my shoes on and made my way towards the attic entrance. Suddenly it occurred to me that I’ve seen enough horror movies to know I didn’t want to be that idiot that could die. Overly dramatic? Yes but I wanted to be one overly dramatic soul that lived to see another day……and blog about it.

The next morning, I did a quick google search on removing animals in the attic. One of the first results that came up was Kansas Wildlife Professionals. I dialed 316-500-2606 and told them the manlier version of the story about how I thought I had a raccoon in my attic and didn’t want to deal with it in case it had rabies. The whole time I had my chest sticking out like I was a bad bad man.

The actual culprit

Kansas Wildlife Professionals came out that day to do a quick consultation and checked my attic. Come to find out it wasn’t a raccoon or a dog or an evil ax murderer. Nope…. just squirrels! It looked as though squirrels had made their way into my attic, bit into things, pooped without wiping, hung out and possibly even stole my internet.

Kansas Wildlife Professionals set up more time with me the next day patched up any entry ways into my attic, cleaned up the mess my intruders left behind and set up escape ways for them. If there were any squirrels left in my attic they would be able to leave out an exit door but not come back in. They kept it humane and better yet beat any prices in town.

I spoke with the owner Ted Duncan and his crew for the past two days they came out and they were nothing but professional and courteous. He’s been doing this for ten years now and answered every question I had without making me feel like an idiot. He did an honest job and that’s all anybody could ask for. All their work is guaranteed as well.

They left such a great impression, I had to make it a point to write a review on them. While I hope animals never get into your house, if it does be sure to use Kansas Wildlife Professionals and tell Ted Duncan that Wichita By E.B. sent you. They handle humane trapping and removal of all sorts of animals, damage repair and restoration, decontamination and dead animal removal. They did what my TV remote and I couldn’t do at 3 in the morning.

Thanks to them, I lived to see another day…..and blog about it.



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2 thoughts on “When Animals Broke Into My House: A Review on Kansas Wildlife Professionals”


    Eddie, I swear I have spent 4 days trying to get a hold of this jerk. I called KS Wildlife Professionals phone and left a message. Nobody called me back. The next day I get a text that said they were busy on a job. They wrote back asking to come out that evening but we weren’t ready. On and on with a few more text messages. Finally Ted said 1:00 pm Monday (5/10/21). I go home for lunch to meet him and he never shows up.

    I love your reviews and you are usually spot on but not with Kansas Wildlife Professionals.

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