Bonefish Grill’s Summer Seasonal Menu

My family loves us some fish. We eat it multiple times a month and it still doesn’t get old. Now with summer upon it, that meant it was time to check out Bonefish Grill’s new summer menu. My family and I headed out to the Waterfront to give the new menu a go.

The new seasonal menu can vary upon location. For Wichita, the big new feature was Creole-Style Redfish. Since it was brand new to the menu, it was a certainty for me to try.


For our visit, we ordered the Creole-Style Refish, Cedar Plank Norwegian Salmon (not pictured) and the Applewood Bacon Wrapped Scallops Starters.

The starter consisted of four Georges Bank Scallops wrapped in Applewood bacon and topped with mango salsa. Now we’ve had the scallops before and they were amazing. We learned something new on our venture. Bacon makes everything better. The bacon added a nice crispy bite to the scallops that just added to the meal.

Next up wias the Creole-Style Redfish. We’ve never had redfish before; completely new to everybody. It was a mild sweet fish with a firm texture. It had a Cajun feel to it as if we were eating in New Orleans. As big fans of cajun food, we loved it. The refish was topped with crawfish along with a creole sauce that gave it a nice bite. It wasn’t so much either that it turned away anybody. While I wouldn’t call it spicy at all, my cousin called it mildly spicy.

The Cedar Plank Norwegian Salmon was another winner. The salmon was roasted on a western red cedar plank and topped with fresh, light citrus, honey-based glaze. Had my brother not gone to town on the meal when it arrived, I could have taken a glorious picture. He loved every bite of it. It was a sweet yet smokey flavor to it all.

In trying out the new seasonal menu at Bonefish, we can definitely say we give it our approval yet again. Once again the food and service was quality and deserving of another family visit. It’s safe to say we will be back again soon.

Happy Dining,

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