Rachel’s Kitchen Review

Sometimes all you need in life is a little soul food. Fortunately there’s a quaint little restaurant in downtown Wichita that’s been serving up made-from-scratch meals to foodies for the past few years. A family-owned establishment who offers breakfast, pork chops, chicken wings, catfish, fried cabbage, fried corn, etc.

If you hadn’t heard about them, now is the time to acclimate yourself with Rachel’s Kitchen!

818 N Mosley St
Wichita, KS 67214

Closed on Sunday-Monday
Tuesday – Friday: 7:30am – 6pm
Saturday: 8am – 2pm

Facebook – Menu Here

Cash/Card Accepted


My “Diver’s Club” as one colleague likes to call it stopped by for lunch. We were all kindly greeted upon stepping inside. Once we were seated, you could really get the mom and pop vibe.

Our server was very engaging with all of us while making recommendations, laughing at our senseless banter.

After debating back and forth over what to order, we finally came to a decision on what to order.

Hamburger Steak Breakfast


Chicken Wings




Chicken Sandwich

Ordering our food to the point of food arrival was a little on the slow side. It’s worth noting, they had a small staff on hand and everything is made to order so if they were busy who knows what it would have been like. But once we started eating our food, one colleague said, “Good things come to those who wait.”

While they were out of fried corn that day, the rest of the sides were fantastic. We had everything from fried okra to okra & tomatoes to fried cabbage to collard greens and there wasn’t a single negative thing said. In fact, one person said it was some of the best fried okra he’s ever had.

As for the catfish, it was lightly breaded, well seasoned and delicious. Two of us went with the catfish and were extremely pleased. The cornbread that came with the catfish was the only minor issue; hard as a rock.

The chicken sandwich was another meal enjoyed by two different colleagues. Just like the catfish, the breading wasn’t overdone and it was fried to perfection. Once you got past the breading, a juicy finely cooked chicken was awaiting your taste buds. Like the okra, it was mentioned that the chicken sandwich was one of the best in town.

I went with the catfish meal that came with chicken wings and the three wings were not minuscule pieces either. There wasn’t enough room for the catfish and the wings so I saved the latter for a daytime snack and it ended up being like a dinner; just a ton of meat on the bones.

As we were checking out they had dessert for 50 cents a piece. They had raspberry, chocolate and lemon. The lemon was by far the best and most refreshing.

We met one of the owners who was in the back cooking and she was so pleasant to talk to. We chatted about her food for a while and let her know it was all delicious. It’s a great feeling when you step in to a mom and pop shop and the food is just as good as the people.

Rachel’s Kitchen was a wonderful experience for everyone. When you add in the 90’s R&B music, it made for an even better time. Nothing like listening to some Aaliyah, Warren G or TLC while chowing down on delicious soul food.

I can’t wait to go back to try their pork chops.

Happy Dining,

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