Ten favorite lunch spots near Wesley Medical Center

I’ll occasionally receive e-mails asking for lunch recommendations in a certain area. It’s usually suggestions from a place of employment from people looking to efficiently use their lunch hour to get some quality food.

In the latest feature, we will focus on ten favorite lunch spots near….you name it! The suggestions will cover a broad range of food types and are all locally owned by people who live here in Wichita.

For the first one, the place of employment is Wesley Medical Center.

Here are ten restaurants I would recommend to those looking for lunch within close driving range and quick enough to feed you lunch in an hour or less. ProTip: Look at the menu before going so you know what you want ahead of time. I promise this will save you at least ten minutes from trying to decide forever on what to order when you arrive.


In no particular order…..

Bocco Deli
3010 E Central, Wichita, KS

One of my favorite deli’s in town with their food made from scratch. Bocco Deli is within walking distance from Wesley which makes it even more convenient.

Thai Tradition
650 N Carriage Parkway #120, Wichita, KS

A two mile shot east of Wesley on Central and you’ll find some of the best Thai food in town.

M.I.F. Deli
5618 E Central, Wichita, KS

Delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food less than two miles away. They have all the classic dishes on their menu.

Ziggy’s Pizza
3700 E Douglas Ave #100, Wichita, KS

A mile south of Wesley, you’ll find pizza, sandwiches and salads accessible to you; their lunch meal of two slices of pizza and a salad is convenient for those on the go.

George’s French Bistro
4618 E Central, Wichita, KS

Currently remodeling. Once this place opens up, they will likely be packed for lunch. Surprisingly though, the service is still quick enough to get you your fill of French food quickly.

Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi
327 N Hillside, Wichita, KS

I’ll be honest the food isn’t going to wow you or be life changing but it’s still satisfying enough to keep you coming back. Sushi for lunch? Why not.

Noble House Hawaiian Foods
3238 E Douglas, Wichita, KS

Great menu of Hawaiian options to choose from including my favorite: Poke!

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen
1725 E Douglas, Wichita, KS

Tanya’s is still under two miles away and will wow you with some of the best soups you’ll ever have. If you’re not a soup fan, their sandwiches are excellent as well.

Albero Cafe
4811 E Central, Wichita, KS

Great Italian food and the service is equally as good. Be careful not to overeat or those carbs can make for a rough afternoon.

El Pollo Dorado
2117 E Central, Wichita, KS

Looking for some amazing grilled chicken, tacos, or just Mexican food in general? El Pollo Dorado just recently opened up less than a mile West of Wesley in the former Antojitos Salvadoreno restaurant.


Wesley Medical Center

Those are my personal favorites in the area and places I would recommend to anybody, not just Wesley employees.

To all my foodies, friends, family and even people I don’t know working away at Wesley, thank you for everything that you do. Enjoy a delicious lunch when you can. Also a shout out to my friend Megan who works at Wesley and was very insightful on where people there go for lunch.

Did I miss one that you love? Are you looking for recommendations near your place of employment? If so, comment away!
Happy Dining,

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