UberEATS coming to Wichita

If you work at or own a restaurant in Wichita, you may have noticed a little card that has been making its way towards your doors.

It looks as though UberEATS is coming to Wichita. While no set date has announced, this food delivery service that is available in many largers cities should be in the ICT this year.

They are similar to such services as Fetch Neighbor and Wichita 2 Go.

With UberEATS for each order, you’ll pay for the cost of the food, an UberEATS booking fee, and any applicable taxes. It looks as though UberEATS is working on restaurants to work with. Once that is complete, the restaurants complete menu will be available on the UberEATS website/app and you order from there.

In reading some of the reviews in other cities, it looks like the average charge of delivery has been five dollars but that could always change.

You can get more information on UberEATS at their website: https://www.ubereats.com

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