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It’s been a while since my family and friends have done an escape room around town but finally got around to trying the newest one available in Wichita called Escapology.

Escapology is located inside the Alley at 13th and Greenwich and is actually a franchise with locations all over the United States.

Escapology Wichita

If you make your way to the Alley at 11413 E 13th St and turn right as you walk in, you can’t miss the Escapology entrance.

Escapology Wichita

You can book your game at their website. The cost to play is $20 per person on the weekdays and $25 on the weekends. While that is on the high end of what you’ll pay for room escapes in Wichita, you will definitely want to check out their Facebook page for specials. They also have a Groupon available here to save you some money.

At Escapology, there are five different games/rooms to choose from which is the largest selection you’ll find in town. You can find the list here. The rooms are for  anywhere from 2-6 people. If you book a room, that room is yours and no other strangers are allowed to join your booking which is a plus from those groups who prefer to play on their own. Each of the rooms, complete with their own theme and story, have a difficulty level set for them ranging from 6.8 to 8.9. We were told the hardest room had only a 5% success rate so we made it a point to book that room for the challenge.

With the Groupon purchased, we went ahead and booked two rooms. The TH3 C0D3 room which was the middle of the difficulty levels of their five rooms. Then since one of their employees told me that Under Pressure was extremely hard with the 5% success rate, we booked that room.

EscapologyAs always, you’ll want to show up 10-15 minutes as their website advertises to get briefed and signed up. When you do arrive, every person will have to fill out a form with their name and contact info.

Then it’s off to the rooms you go. Our first booking was at 8pm. They looked to be understaffed; there wasn’t a person at the front desk so groups that were arriving just stood there waiting to find out what to do. Our 8pm room didn’t start until 8:15pm. For what it’s worth, in all of the escape rooms we’ve been to, every one has always been punctual. At that time we thought nothing of it.

In our group of five, my brothers and I had two friends I’ve known since grade school join us. For one of them, it was his very first time doing an escape room and he was ecstatic to finally partake in one.

As with any escape room review, we will never give away anything about the room. That’s for the readers to find out. Some basics of the rooms, you have 60 minutes to escape and get three clues. Any clue you use on top of that, your team will be given a two minute penalty added to your final ending time. All in all, the TH3 C0D3 room provided a nice little challenge for us and ended up being a good room to start off with for our rookie in our group. We escaped and had a good time. It’s always fun to do these rooms with someone on their first time to get their reaction.

EscapologyWe finished right before 9pm which was also the reservation time for our second room: Under Pressure.

Once we completed our first room, we were told our next room wasn’t ready yet and it’d be a minute. Well……. one minute turned into forty minutes. While we get things happen, a forty minute delay is a little much. What surprised me more than anything was how unapologetic the staff was. It was like it was nothing to them and stuff like that happens all the time. We didn’t complain or make mention of it. It’s situations like that I always like to see how companies react to problems. In this case, Escapology didn’t react at all. Thumbs down in that department.

When we finally entered the Under Pressure room it was game on. We were a bit tired just waiting but didn’t let that get to us. This room was very challenging from the start just as we were told. Our new team meshed very well and we were able to escape after the 50 minute mark. It was a great escape room accomplishment to be a part of the 5% who’s succeeded. There were a lot of things we liked about the room that we haven’t seen before. The room was challenging yet original and simple in their puzzles. They hit all the aspects we liked in an escape room: a definite thumbs up here.

EscapologyUpon completing the rooms, Escapology gives you a little wristband as a prize.

We really liked the both rooms Escapology had to offer and would likely go back to try their other rooms.

The customer service though definitely needs some work. We’ve done over twenty different rooms around town now and have never had one of the companies be late let alone forty minutes late. Fifteen minutes was understandable but forty minutes was too much especially with no real apology. But since we already had the rooms paid for, we were at their mercy waiting for everything to begin.

But with all that said, we were in cheery spirits that evening so didn’t complain to them…… that’s what this blog is for right? Honest experiences. My friend who was the rookie had a fantastic time and already can’t wait to try another room. My brothers and I just love these room escapes so much that we’d be lying if we said we’d never go back to Escapology. Now if we go back again and have to wait that long, we learned our lesson and won’t go back.

Book your rooms for Escapology here.
Wednesday – Thursday: 5pm – 11pm
Friday: 5pm – 1am
Saturday: 12pm – 1am
Sunday: 12pm – 11pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday but you can call for private bookings

We have also updated our Complete Guide to Room Escapes in Wichita to include this latest addition.

Happy Escaping,

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