La Isla Mexican Seafood Review (CLOSED)

What happens when you mix seafood and Mexican food? You get La Isla Mexican Seafood. There are many traditional seafood dishes to the country of Mexico and the owners of La Isla have brought them to Wichita in hopes of enticing foodies to give them a try.

La Isla Mexican Seafood===========
La Isla Mexican Seafood
790 N West St
Wichita, KS 67203

1935 N. Broadway
Wichita, KS

Wednesday – Thursday: 11am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sunday: 11am – 8pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday


Cash/Card Accepted

The menu which will be posted at the end of this blog consists mostly of Mexican inspired seafood dishes. The moment you arrive, you’re treated to a complimentary bowl of chips and salsa.

La Isla
Chips and Salsa

While free chips and salsa are always great, the real allure of La Isla are the entrees. For example if you love seafood, you’ll love Volcan. It’s a big platter that consist of broiled shrimp, craw fish, ceviche, aguachiles and fresh oysters.

La Isla Mexican Seafood

The plate is big enough to share with friends as an appetizer or even its own meal. It consists of all the seafood favorites that you can eat by hand. It doesn’t end there yet.

La Isla
Coctel De Cameron

Coctel De Cameron is broiled shrimp, mixed with tomato slices, avocado, cilantro, onion, ketchup, clamato and spices from the house. For an extra two dollars, you can add diced up octopus inside.

If you’re asking me whether I paid the two dollar price tag, then you obviously have not been reading the blog long enough because of course I did! If love the taste of tomato, this is something you have to try for sure. It was by far one of the best appetizers I’ve ever had. The shrimp and the octopus had excellent flavor mixed in with all the spices. I would order this on every visit.

And what visit to a Mexican restaurant wouldn’t be complete without tacos?

La Isla Fish Taco
La Isla Fish Taco

For $7.49, you get three fully cooked fish tacos seasoned and mixed with spices. We thought the fish didn’t have that fishy taste to it at all. It was lightly breaded to still give you that fried taste yet not so heavy. They didn’t skimp on the fish at all either. Each taco came with two pieces of fish inside. Three tacos would be enough for anybody.

We were extremely pleased with La Isla and would recommend this restaurant to anyone. If you’re not a seafood fan, they do have a couple other non-seafood items like grilled beef tacos but those items are very limited on the menu. One of the suggestions I gave the owner while visiting with him was to offer more non-seafood dishes to draw in more customers.

There are so many more menu items I would love to try out like their ceviche. So that gives me more reasons to return. For those wondering, they do sell alcohol as well.

Definitely give this place a try if you’re looking to venture out and try new dishes you’ve never had before. It’s the perfect place for any foodie.

Happy Dining,

La Isla Menu

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