When a Wichita restaurant takes the criticism well

For nearly eight years, I’ve been writing about restaurants as a hobby. It’s been an outlet for me to try my best to give honest opinions about businesses in Wichita. Sometimes, a review is very glowing, sometimes, they are bad, and sometimes they are just so so.

Many times, I’ll hear back from a restaurant, business or their owners after writing something positive. The times it’s not so great, I rarely ever hear anything back and that’s OK. But for the majority of times I do, it’s never well received. If I do not like something, I just can’t say otherwise. I’ve had some restaurant owners reach out to me before after a bad review and in most of those cases, it’s not the nicest replies. Oh well…..

Recently, I wrote about Little Lion Ice Cream and their breakfast. It wasn’t exactly the best review as I found their breakfast burrito to be disappointing.

Next thing I know, I receive this in the mail:

Now, I don’t write bad reviews to receive free things. But this is the first time in nearly eight years, a restaurant has ever sent me a hand written note to apologize for one person’s opinion and accept some criticism. Honestly, I was taken back by it. It was a very kind gesture and good to know Little Lion Ice Cream took the time out of their day to write back to a customer. Since they took the time to write me back, I wanted to take the time to write about their good deed and pay it forward.

While I wasn’t a fan of their burrito, it’s something like this that will give me another reason to go back and try different breakfast items to give them another chance. And I’m sure my nieces will be pleased with the ice cream because the first time they went, they were immediately fans.

Kudos to Little Lion Ice Cream on a Wichita By E.B. first. Your letter is now displayed on my fridge.

For those inquiring, Little Lion Ice Cream is located at 120 E 1st N (located at the Petit Cafe inside Espresso to Go at The Lux).

Happy Dining,

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