Wichita down one of its 40 year old burger restaurants……for now

Jack's Coffee ShopA couple years ago we wrote about a little hole in the wall burger spot called Jack’s Coffee Shop on south Hydraulic.

They were even ranked number ten on our Top 30 Burgers list in 2015.

According to their Facebook page, it looks like they are closed for business as of October 1.

They posted that they were closed and essentially left it at that.

Honestly I have only been there once but for that moment it was a great little trip and remember the staff there being incredibly friendly.

So it looks like Wichita is down yet another burger restaurant. I think it’s a big blow to the south side restaurant scene which loses a bit of history as they have been around for over 40 years.

Jacks Coffee Shop posted that the lady that cooked the burger is having some health issues so they will be closed for now with the hope of reopening in the future. They will keep everyone posted


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