Pickle candy and pickle soda for the pickle lovers

Do you love pickles?

At a recent stop to RocketFizz, I found some pickle flavored candy and soda. My niece and I are huge pickle fans and she has been hounding me over some pickle flavored soda so I figured why not turn this into a blogging ordeal? She was game.



Pickle flavored soda runs $2.29 a bottle and the Archie McPhee’s Pickle Candy is $7.79 which was a high price to pay for a small jar of candy.

Let’s start with the Pickle Candy. Archie McPhee also makes pickle flavored candy canes but they are sold out everywhere so we settled for the Pickle Candy. The $7.79 tin came with 13 pieces of hard candy. Each hard candy tasted like a pickle flavored candy cane. My niece was really surprised how much it tasted like a pickle. It had a very light pickle flavor to it that wasn’t overpowering. This was some candy we could certainly eat again. Our (or should I say my) only gripe was the price tag of nearly $8. That’s not a price I would pay again for the candy, maybe $5 at most.


Next up was the pickle flavored soda. I’m sure everybody knows where this is going. People are probably thinking, “Pickled flavored soda cannot be good.” They are in fact right. But in my family, we can’t have people tell us what isn’t good. We need to find out for ourselves.

One of the first things my niece said after trying the soda was “This isn’t worth it.” Imagine drinking beer that’s been left out on your back porch for two days. That’s what it tasted like. Don’t ask me how I know this; I used to be a dumb college kid. Now I’m just dumb.

When we saw this was available, it was one of those things we just had to try for the sake of curiosity. They say curiosity killed the cat. In this instance, it killed our taste buds.


RocketFizz also had some gummy pickles but I wasn’t prepared to spend $9 on them.


Until next time……….


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