Fireside Grille inside the Wichita Marriott Review

Fireside GrilleStep inside the Wichita Marriott and turn right and you’ll find another steakhouse in town that isn’t talked about or visited as much as the others. It’s not your typical hotel food if you’re concerned that it’s inside a hotel. The atmosphere is very nice with a glass enclosed fireplace, quiet music playing and a very private vibe. They did the best they could to create a private experience that you may not be able to find elsewhere in Wichita.

The menu (found on their website) features most of the proteins you’ll find at any traditional steakhouse. You have your salmon, filets, ribeys, KC strips, scallops, etc. It’s a basic menu that won’t take you all night to figure out what you want. Price-wise you’re looking at around $23-$40 for most of their popular dishes.

9100 E Corporate Hills Dr (inside the Wichita Marriott)
Wichita, KS 67207

Monday – Saturday: 5pm – 10pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

For starters, we went with the complimentary bread, a couple of salads and the seafood bisque soup which was excellent. There were nice chunks of fresh crab, lobster and shrimp.

Fireside Grille

Fireside Grille

Fireside Grille

Fireside Grille

For dinner, all of the entrees come with one side so you don’t have to worry about ordering sides a la carte. The steaks come from Creekstone Farms which are aged for a minimum of 21 days. We ordered the KC strip, filet, and ribeye. To get a feel for the other side of the dinner menu, we also ordered the diver sea scallops topped with saffron beurre blanc.

All of the steaks were cooked spot on to what we requested. They were seasoned well and very tender especially the filet and ribeye. If you aren’t a fan of much char on the surface, you should be happy here. I was very pleased with the diver sea scallops. Let me say, it was very buttery….. almost too buttery. I’m still on the fence about the scallops. At $36 for the scallops, I’m just not sure I would order it again.

Fireside Grille

Fireside Grille

Fireside Grille

The service was great up until towards the end of the night. Our server was taking care of us for the majority of the evening and then just disappeared and was nowhere to be found. We sat around for a while wondering what happened and eventually decided to track her down to get our tickets. We possibly would have ordered dessert had it been offered but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

The steaks were wonderful while the scallops were probably more of a miss. Between dinner and drinks, you’re probably looking to spend a minimum of $50-75 a person. For that price you should be getting high quality food, a nice ambiance, and fantastic service to make the whole experience worth it. For us, the service was kind of lacking. If the service could pick up, we wouldn’t mind going back for a second round to give them another chance.

Does this compare with the other steakhouses on the east side of town? Half of us thought so while the other half didn’t so that’s something for you to decide if you go in. If you do, let us know what you think!


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