The Art of Escape: ICT upping their game with newest rooms

Art of Escape ICT

It’s been well over a year since my friend and family have last stopped by Art of Escape: ICT. As any long time reader of this blog should know by now, we love our escape rooms and make an effort to get out to these when we can.

3540 W. Douglas Suite 4
Wichita, KS 67203



Bookings are $20 a person for a public booking rate. This means you could possibly be paired up with other people if all the spots in the room aren’t filled. They also have a private booking rate of anywhere from $20-25 depending on how many people are in the room with you.

Regarding age limits, they recommend that all participants are over the age of thirteen to truly enjoy the experience. Anyone under the age of thirteen must be accompanied by an adult in order to participate.

At the Art of Escape, they currently have five rooms available, one of which we have already completed. For our most recent visit at their recommendation, we tried The Trick and Cemetery Eterna. Here are those room descriptions.

The Trick -Vince Drake was one of the most renowned magicians of his time.  Legend has it that Drake began learning magic at a very young age, and gained immense skill in very little time.

Some say it was luck, but some believe that there is more to Drake than meets the eye.  Can someone really become a world-class magician in a little over three years?  That’s where you come in.

The technology exists today to send you back in time, back to Vince Drake’s childhood home, the day after he bought the fabled “Beyond the Illusion” magic instructional video series.  Your task?  Figure out how Drake became so successful, and bring it back with you.  Time is of the essence, your link to the other timeline is weak, and if you fail, you’ll be stuck there forever!

Cemetery Eterna – The Witching hour has come, and you and your team have decided to go treasure hunting!  There’s a cemetery down the street, and rumor has it that great treasures lies within. You’ll have one hour to get out with the treasure, as the crypt keeper will be making his rounds soon.  Do you have the guts to dig into the graves of the departed, and open the giant Crypt that looms in the forest?

You have 60 minutes to escape. They also offer three levels of difficulty now for the rooms: Easy, Regular and Expert.

For Easy, you’re essentially guaranteed to escape the room and will be given clues every ten minutes. If you’ve done escape rooms before, they recommend either Regular or Expert. Doing it at that levels, allows you to make the leaderboard if you use three clues or less. At regular, you get 3 clues and is your basic classic experience offered at many escape rooms around town. At expert, you get no clues, special recognition and possibly some other distractions! With a newbie in our group, we opted for regular.

Art of Escape ICT

We ended up escaping both rooms and really enjoyed them both. The production level in these two rooms were much better than our first experience at Art of Escape and some of the best we have seen around town. It was a common thought shared among many of my friends. Cemetery Eterna does a great job of providing a low light experience that doesn’t deter you from enjoying it. The whole vibe and ambience of the room were very well done.

With The Trick, they had great use of technology and assorted puzzles to offer a fun and intellectually stimulating experience. For the actual challenge, it was my favorite of the two rooms which is weird considering our time was better in The Trick than Cemetery Eterna.

After we completed both rooms, it was apparent to use that the Art of Escape ICT has really upped their game. We will certainly be back to complete their other two rooms.

Happy Escaping!

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