Tuta’s Teriyaki where teriyaki just might be king

Tuta's Teriyaki

There’s a little Asian restaurant that has a Tyler Road address but doesn’t exactly have the best visibility off the road. It’s best seen off of McCormick and Tyler Road and sits in the same strip center as Mr. Goodcents. It’s called Tuta’s Teriyaki. They are best known for their teriyaki dishes but also serve other Asian favorites like pad thai, pho, and banh mi’s. For being labeled as a Japanese restaurant on Yelp, they sure did have a lot of Vietnamese dishes.

1212 S. Tyler Road #100, Wichita, KS 67209

Monday – Friday: 10:30am – 8pm
Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

Tuta’s also has a second restaurant at 929 N. Broadway but for the purpose of this review, we went with the Tyler location.

With very little web presence and an unofficial Facebook page, it may be hard to find their menu online but we have you covered.

Tuta's Teriyaki

Tuta's Teriyaki

I stopped by for recently after hearing from my brother that it was a frequent lunch staple for his coworkers. Given the distance and the fact that I may not return since I’m rarely in the area, I ordered more food than I should have. I went with the pho and the chicken teriyaki which is served on a bed of rice. Neither items took long to arrive so it made for a quick lunch stop.

Tuta's Teriyaki

Tuta's Teriyaki

The teriyaki was nothing but amazing. Their teriyaki sauce hits you right away and gives you this warm sensation as if you’re being hugged. It was so good that I found myself chewing my food longer than usual just to take in the flavor. The bed of steamed rice was perfect as well. I’ve been to some restaurants where the white rice is hard (I’m looking at you Emperor’s on north Rock Road!) and it just ruins the experience. The portion size of the chicken teriyaki was incredible too for the under $6 asking price.

Where Tuta’s Teriyaki failed at was the pho. The broth didn’t have much flavor and tasted a bit watered down. My brother wasn’t too impressed with their pho either. It definitely doesn’t compete with some of the best in town. He usually sticks with any of their teriyaki dishes and their spring rolls which taste really fresh.

Tuta's Teriyaki

Tuta's Teriyaki

Everybody who raved about their teriyaki though was right. It’s delicious or as the kids say, “It’s 100”. Service, value, and speed were just what one would expect. If I worked in the area, it too would be a common lunch spot for me. I’ll have to stop by the Broadway location sometime to see if it is just as good as Tyler Road.

Have you been before? I’d love to read your comments below.

Happy Dining,

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