First Look into Da Chicken Shak & More


Da Chicken Shak & More

Are you a fan of Da Cajun Shak? Well you may be excited for the newest restaurant that will have their official grand opening on September 4.

Da Chicken Shak & More, located in the former WOW Cakes building on West 13th street, is the sister concept to Da Cajun Shack.  This week they’ve been having a soft opening and I stopped by to get an idea of what readers can expect at this newest restaurant. I know what some of you are thinking right now. “Another chicken restaurant?”. Well that’s where the “& More” part comes into play.

2428 W. 13th St
Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Saturday 11am – 8pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

Inside the new restaurant it’s bright and vibrant with a lot of natural light coming in.

Da Chicken Shak & More Da Chicken Shak & More

The menu is focused more on their chicken tenders. They also have other items on the menu such as grilled or fried catfish, shrimp, gator, crawfish and po boys. For those inquiring, they won’t have other Cajun favorites found at Da Cajun Shak like my favorite Cajun Meatloaf. No need to be discouraged though.

Da Chicken Shak & More

For my first visit during the soft opening, I went with the grilled and fried chicken tenders, fried fish, and fried gator.

The fried fish with the coleslaw was an excellent combination. As mentioned in many previous blogs, I love my fish fried when the bread is really light and you can’t get it any lighter than what Da Chicken Shak & More offers. I love they let the focal point of the dish be the fish. No need to be devious with over-breading making your fish appear to be bigger than it is. Da Chicken Shak & More keeps it real so to speak. The fried fish is also served with their house sauce which offers a small hint of heat while delivering a ton of flavor. The coleslaw had the perfect blend of ingredients. Not one part was overdone like the mayonnaise or the cabbage or carrots. I would certainly go back for this again in the near future.

Da Chicken Shak & More

For carry out, please excuse the picture of the gator. I caught myself eating some on the drive back to work so the picture you see has less gator than actually offered. My bad!!!!

My colleagues thoroughly enjoyed their meals as well. The chicken tenders ordered grilled or fried were loved by all. Even with the drive back to work, the chicken was still juicy and tender. If you get the crinkle cut fries, you have to order it with their Cajun seasoning. I’m not a huge fries guy but really loved them here. And for gator fans, you’ll be happy to hear it’s delicious as well. Some people don’t like gator due to it being tougher than chicken. I didn’t find it to be that tough or chewy at all.

Da Chicken Shak & More Da Chicken Shak & More Da Chicken Shak & More Da Chicken Shak & More

For those on the go, Da Chicken Shak & More offers online ordering so you can easily pay online and pick up your food at your convenience. You can do that on their website.

As mentioned earlier, their official grand opening is Tuesday, September 4.

Happy Dining,

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