Must Try Menu Item: Taqueria Altena’s Carne en su Jugo

Welcome back for another edition of one of my favorite features on the blog: the “Must Try Menu Item” where we go over a particular menu item that you should try at least once.

For this edition of the Must Try Menu Item, we head over to a restaurant I’ve reviewed before; Taqueria Altena located at 3835 S Seneca. On a visit back, I was browsing through their new menu:

Taqueria Altena

Everything sounded delicious and I was unsure of what to get. I asked the server who happened to be the owner to order me whatever and I’d be ok with that. I just let them surprise me as I’m not picky and love a good random meal. He recommended me a soup dish called “Carne en su Jugo”. I’ve never heard of it and just nodded my head. I came on a good day because it’s only available on Thursdays.

Taqueria Altena

I had to look up what the dish was exactly. Carne en su Jugo, a traditional Mexican recipe popular in Jalisco and Guadalajara. Typically, the beef is slow cooked in water to create a flavorful stock. A blend of cilantro, chiles, onions, garlic and spices are added to the beef with all it’s stock and cooked until tender.Beans are added towards the end’ then it’s garnished with cilantro, onion, radishes and avocado.

First bite in, I was hooked and knew I was in for a treat. It tasted similar to chicken tortilla soup but way more flavorful. Everything from the aroma, the small spicy kick and the mixture of all the ingredients really blew my mind. I gave my girlfriend a bite and her eyes lit up giving me a visual approval. I really contemplated ordering a second bowl but figured it’d be best to wait for another Thursday to try this incredible dish.

Soups rank up there as one of my favorite meals whether it’s traditional chicken and noodle soup, Vietnamese noodle soup or whatever it may be. Carne en su Jugo will now make my rotational visit when craving soup.

3835 S Seneca St.
Wichita, KS 67217

Monday – Friday: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 2pm


Cash Only

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