Pho Chopstix Review

Pho Chopstix

With cooler weathers hopefully here for the rest of the year, we’ve been traveling across Wichita trying all the pho this city has to offer. We’ve been visiting old and new establishments. We’ve been going to ones we’ve frequented before as well as ones totally new to us. Our latest visit took us west to Pho Chopstix.

2233 N. Ridge Road #103
Wichita, KS 67205

Closed on Sunday & Monday
Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sunday: 11am – 4pm


Cash/Card Accepted

On my visit to Pho Chopstix, we went with a bowl of pho with everything in it that included round steak, brisket, tendon and meatball. At any restaurant, I usually stick with their pho with the most protein options. And since I saw spring rolls on the menu, that was ordered as well. I really feel spring rolls and pho go fantastic together as that’s what my aunt raised me on.

Both items came within minutes apart from each other.

Pho Chopstix

Pho Chopstix

The spring rolls were excellent. They included pork and shrimp and held up very well. I have great disdain for premade spring rolls that come out of the fridge extremely cold.  Pho Chopstix’ were fresh and made to order as they should be.

As for the pho, I was slightly disappointed in it. The first step for me is to always grab a spoon and try the broth as is. There wasn’t that rich flavor I’ve come to expect. The clarity was there but that nice warm richness was missing. Aside from the broth the noodles and meat were fantastic. They were the nice flat noodles that I actually prefer in my pho.

Of course pho is very subjective. But coming from someone who was raised on it, I’ve certainly had better around town. The broth is the heart and soul of any Vietnamese noodle soup and theirs was lacking.

I’ll add though, the service and staff there were complimentary and thankful to all their customers. I watched one lady walk around and constantly make sure customers were doing ok. She really appreciated everyone who came in and you could see it in her face as she rang you up at the counter. It’s times like that it’s tough to write reviews on restaurants especially when they aren’t all positive. That alone though will give me a good reason to go back and see if there’s another dish I would like instead.

Happy Dining,

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