Bomber Burger: Leave the feelings at home and get a fantastic burger

Bomber Burger

When the debate of best burger and best hole in the wall come up, one restaurant that’s often mentioned is Bomber Burger. I even went around years ago trying thirty burgers around town and found Bomber Burger to be our favorite. It’s been a while since my last visit, so I headed out to 47th and Clifton to get three-quarter pound burger and once again take in the unique atmosphere that only they can provide.

4860 S Clifton Ave
Wichita, KS 67216

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 4pm
(Grill shuts down 20 minutes before closing)
Closed on Sunday & Monday


Cash only

The 800-square-foot location offers seating for roughly 20 people. There are four tables and a handful of seats at the bar. If you’re in a rush, I recommend you call your order in ahead of time.

Bomber Burger

You can find the menu on their website. Or if you’re too lazy to click the link, here’s a copy of it as well.

Bomber Burger Bomber Burger

One of these days I’m going to have to try the Roethlisberger or even The Bus. With each hand formed Kansas Angus patty coming in at three-quarter pounds, the pure visual of a double or a triple is intimidating. One of my buddies thinks he can knock out a triple in 5-7 minutes so expect another blog review on that in the future.

My go to is always the hamburger with fries. I just let the owner cook it and throw whatever on it while I sit back and watch. Once it’s done, you have a giant, juicy, perfectly grilled burger sitting right in front of you. The bun does a phenomenal job of holding everything in tact as well while the homemade fries were a great companion to the main course.

The debate over burgers can bring a lot of discussion and is purely subjective but for me this is one of my favorites.

Bomber Burger

Bomber Burger

Aside from burgers, the owner is a big sports fan. You can obviously tell by all the Steelers and Shockers memorabilia adorning the interior. Anybody who’s a Shocker fan gets extra points from me.

Then there’s always the talk of the atmosphere. Bomber Burger is not for the easily offended. Many people who walk into Bomber Burger will often talk about the owner and his brash sense of humor. He can be rude, abrasive, profane, politically incorrect and brutally honest. But he really doesn’t care and you can either accept him for who he is or not.  I enjoy his back and forth with customers and can take a joke. That’s all part of what makes Bomber Burger unique. If you are extremely sensitive, need professionalism at all times and rely on a politically correct world, I recommend you go elsewhere.

For me, I highly enjoy it all, will continue to go back and recommend this restaurant to those people wanting something different and off the beaten path.

Happy Dining,

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