R Coffee House Review

The latest review brings us to R Coffee House. It’s place I’ve heard many good things about. It’s in a quaint little area of town that also houses Songbird Juice Co and Roxie’s in Riverside. I stopped by recently to take in the atmosphere, grab a drink and try my hand at one of their breakfast specialties.

1144 Bitting St
Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 7am – 10pm
Sunday: 8am – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

I originally intended to stop by for just a drink but after seeing their menu, I figured I may as well stay for breakfast. My morning started with one of their specialty drinks – The Funky Monkey which included banana, vanilla and chocolate. Anything that includes banana, vanilla and chocolate is a guarantee to be good. That really hit the spot.

I saw R Coffee House had a new pastry chef so I was persuaded to try one of their treats – pumpkin cookie. It was fresh and right out of the oven. I came at the right time as they were soft, moist and fluffy. I took my sweet ass time eating it because I wanted to savor every moment.

R Coffee House

For breakfast, I went with their R Breakfast Tacos which were three corn tortillas loaded with chorizo, scrambled eggs, peppers, onions and topped with shredded spinach, Colby Jack cheese and R Mama’s salsa. The corn tortillas alone were incredible. Then to have it topped with even more magic was a bonus. When the menu says “loaded”, they weren’t lying. It was tough to fold up but once I accomplished that, it was a wonderful meal with the tortilla keeping everything in place. I only wish there was more R Mama’s salsa on it as I loved the light bit of heat it offered along with the chorizo.

I heard they are toying around with all sorts of dishes so I need to head back there for lunch. On Facebook they posted about pumpkin mole enchiladas and am kicking myself for not trying that.

R Coffee House

I really enjoyed my visit out to R Coffee House. It was truly an eclectic diverse atmosphere that all meshed well together.

Here’s their menu.

R Coffee House R Coffee House R Coffee House R Coffee House

Happy Dining,

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