Kimson Asian Market: A worthy competitor in the bánh mi game

Not too long ago we wrote about Kimlan Sandwiches. Shortly after, I was told we needed to try another place that many people may not ever think of. Introducing Kimson Asian Market, a grocery store that also has a small little deli inside. I have gone here ma y times to pick up items needed for cooking but had yet to try anything from the deli side.

960 E Pawnee St, Wichita, KS 67211

Open Daily: 9am – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

For this review, I had to employ the help of my parents. My mother is the Vietnamese food professional. She was born and raised in Vietnam, is extremely picky on her food, hard to please and loves to correct me every time I pronounce anything wrong in the Vietnamese culture. Even the word Bánh mi has different verbal fluctuations in how its pronounced so she’s always ready to right my wrongs.

On our visit, we ordered three different sandwiches to go. If you go, call in your order. Even ordering three Bánh mi’s to go took quite a while to prepare. Here was our order:

#1 – Grilled pork, cilantro, cucumber, pickled daikon, pickled carrot.
#2 – Jambon meat, chopped ham, pate and butter, pickled carrot, pickled papaya, green and yellow onion, cucumber, cilantro and soy sauce.
#3 – BBQ pork and pork roll ham, cilantro, cucumber, pickled daikon, pickled carrot & soy sauce.

Here are some of the before and after pictures once the vegetables were added:

While eating hers, my mother was highly impressed! She went as far as to say, they might be her new favorite in town. The bread’s exterior was crispier than Kimlan’s while still maintaining the softness on the inside.

The meat was all fantastic with each of the added ingredients like the pate, pickled vegetables and soy sauce elevating the flavor. My mother mentioned multiple times how much she liked it which always brings a smile to me because she’s really set in her choices of places to eat. So being able to introduce her to other options is always a huge win.

Everyone was also high on the value. The three sandwiches all cost $3.50 or less a piece. There aren’t many places you can get full on less than $4. You can at here.

Kimson has officially been kid tested, mother approved.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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