Review: Hardee’s Fruit Loops Mini-Donuts

I’m not sure how I missed it but my girlfriend gave me a heads up that Hardee’s brought back their Fruit Loops Mini-Donuts for a limited time. Now that Wichita has a few Hardee’s and knowing my addiction to try whatever, we headed over immediately to give them a try.

The cereal-inspired donuts from Kellogg’s come in a pack of five for $1.99. I don’t recall the last time I’ve had Fruit Loops but they were certainly a cereal box commonly found in our house growing up. The mini-donuts are available all day long. We purchased one box to go.

When we opened up the container, the smell of Fruit Loops immediately flooded our senses. The colors were all very reminiscent of the cereal. My girlfriend and I shared all five of the mini-donuts and upon the first bite, we were very impressed.

Often times, there are gimmick products put out that try to resemble another product and fail. The Fruit Loops Mini-Donuts were spot on. If you blindfolded someone and gave them the donut without telling them what it was, they would know immediately. The sweet, artificial fruitiness was as close to Fruit Loops as anyone could get. All the donuts tasted the same and they all tasted great.

We’ve seen donuts where places smash up Fruits Loops and place them over the top. Hardee’s attempt was much better. I would highly recommend these to anybody to try at least once. And if any local Wichita donut shop can replicate this, please let me know because I will show up immediately to try!

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