Tequila ice cream is a star of the show at the new La Fuente Paleteria y Neveria

A couple months ago, a little paleteria opened up on north Broadway that holds a liquor store and Cevicheria Y Botanas La Isla. That little area is also popular for Ricos Tacos El Torito; a food truck that parks right in front of the strip center. In that area, you can find delicious ceviche, tacos and now ice cream! La Fuente Paleteria y Neveria hopes to be your next stop for palete and nieves.

1935 N Broadway suite 103
Wichita, Kansas 67214

Monday – Friday: 11pm – 9pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 10pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Inside the setup is similar to other paleterias in town.

The menu has all sorts of different desserts but I wanted to start with some lunch. At the recommendation of one of the staff, I tried the elotes and tostilocos. I was incredibly impressed with the tostilocos. They were tostitos mixed in with pork grinds, cucumber, nuts, chamoy and I forget the sauce. Whatever it was, it provided some delicious heat that I enjoyed. The cucumbers and pork grinds gave a nice soft texture to counteract the chips. While it’s more of a snack than a meal, I would certainly order this again in the future.

The elote, on the other hand, I found to be a little on the average side. The corn just didn’t do it for me. I’m not sure why, it seemed to have been missing that grilled flavor and texture I’ve had in other elote in a cup. Regardless, the tostilocos more than made up for it.

I was told, I had to try some of their ice cream which was all freshly made on site. I ordered two paletas for some colleagues who absolutely loved it. The pineapple and strawberries I was told were delicious.

But for me, I went with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and tequila ice cream. Before I ordered it, I was given a sample and blown away by it. I’m not a margarita drinker so the only time I drink tequila is straight. I enjoy it in small doses unless peer pressure is involved and doses turns into regret.

But the tequila ice cream had a slight tequila taste you could detect. It wasn’t so overpowering and still offered a creamy, amazing little punch that I think even non-tequila fans would enjoy. It’s something you have to try for yourself. I’m not sure how much tequila is used in it but it’s certainly there. I was told it was one of their top sellers and I could see why. The vanilla ice cream was also excellent; very creamy and flavorful just as advertised by the ladies working there.

Wichita has some wonderful paleteria options but this is one worth giving a try for yourself to see what you think.

Here’s the menu:

La Fuente Paleteria y Neveria

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