Espresso Self: Mobile Coffee Shop Review

Another mobile coffee shop you can find around town is Espresso Self. They happened to be parked by River City Sweet Shop and since my girlfriend is a big coffee fan, we gave this mobile unit a try and walked away as happy customers.


Cash/Card Accepted

If you’ve ever read a review on coffee on this blog, you’ll know to always take it with a grain of salt. I’m not a coffee aficionado and know little about it. But hopefully this can shed some light on some other local options around town.

My girlfriend was wanting an iced coffee so we went with that and while scouring the menu, I asked for a suggestion. The lady working inside the trailer recommended the Brazilian Limeade which I believe she said was condensed milk and lime juice but don’t quote me on that.

I had no idea what to expect at the first sip. Let me tell you, I was really blown away by it. It had a sweet but tart taste that was very reminiscent of a key lime pie. And that was a good thing because I love key lime pie. While other customers were walking into River City Sweet Shop, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to get other customers to order it. It was as if I was the unofficial spokesperson for Espresso Self that day. As for the iced coffee, my girlfriend really enjoyed it.

Just a great little impromptu visit where I found something new I’ve never had before and loved.

Here’s the menu:

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