Funky Monkey Munchies wins at the first annual Peach Fest

Saturday was a big day for the staff at Wichita By E.B.

I served double duty on judging at Peach Fest and Taco Fest. The first stop of the day brought me to Peach Fest. I brought the family along with me to assist in the judging. While I enjoy judging these contest, one of the criteria I have is to allow me to bring them with me. They always join me in random weird sometimes messed up (aka Grasshopper tacos) things I come up with so it’s only fair I have them a part of these fun little events.

My 9-year old niece joined me that day as we sampled creative peach creations from Espresso Self, Smokin Diner, Funky Monkey Munchies, Brown Box Bakery, Consuelo Street Grill, and Mimi’s Eskimo Snow.

I’m not saying it to say it but everything we had was literally really good. I’ve been to some events where the food was less than stellar from participating vendors. But everything I had was something I would order again. From the tacos at Consuelo’s Street Grill to the cupcakes at Brown Box Bakery, our taste buds were hit left and right with flavorful creations.

In the end it came down to two items for us. There was a fried taco with peaches and cream. It was like something straight out of a 112 song. Then there was a tostone. Both were phenomenal and I let my niece be the deciding vote. One would think a child would go the dessert route but nope, she chose the tostone.

That meant Funky Monkey Munchies ended up winning Peach Fest.

It was a great time at Blood Orchard with some awesome food. They sold out of their peaches which proved the cities love of the fruit. Of course we didn’t leave empty-handed. The peaches were great.

We would definitely welcome a second annual event.

Happy Dining,

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