Mimis Eskimo Snow Review

While at an event, we noticed Mimis Eskimo Snow was in the area. We are never ones to turn down some shaved ice. Seeing as though, we have yet to try them, we gave it a go because life is always better with a cold treat.


Cash/Card Accepted

The prices at Mimi’s Eskimo Snow ran slightly cheaper than many of the other trucks around town. They had mini cups for $2 and smalls for $2.50. We opted for smalls even though a mini probably would have sufficed. You have to remember that while the cups look small, they are piled really high.

We chose some different flavors and the smalls felt like mediums, perhaps bigger!

Each cup was filled as high as possible and a good pour of syrup so not to make it too sweet or too dry. Overall it was your standard shaved ice affair where the kids would eat maybe a quarter to a half and let the rest melt. ALWAYS ORDER THE SMALLEST SIZE POSSIBLE WITH KIDS! I keep telling myself this but forget!

If you love shaved ice, you really can’t go wrong with Mimi’s Eskimo Snow. I often see them parked at Osage Park out south.

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