Wichita’s underrated burger joint: Mr. Bud’s Brothers

Mr. Bud's Brothers

Wichita loves burgers so I wanted to revisit Mr. Bud’s Brothers. People talk about Bomber Burger, Ty’s Diner, Bill’s Charcoal Grill, Buster’s Burger Joint, Sport Burger who are all great burgers in their own right. But let’s discuss the underrated spots in town. I’m not sure there’s a place more underrated than Mr. Bud’s Brothers.

It’s a restaurant I first went to early last year and fell in love with the place immediately.

3404 N. Arkansas
Wichita, KS 67204

Monday – Friday: 11am – 4pm
Closed on Saturday & Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

Mr. Bud’s Brothers specializes in smash burgers where they are literally smashing the burger patty against the grill until its cooked to perfection. Their top-selling burger is their Mr. Bud’s Bro’s Smash Burger. For 50 cents more than their regular smash burger, you get a patty that’s stuffed with celery, carrots and peppers. It’s what I order on every visit there.

Service time has always been quick even on my most recent visit. I go back and forth on ordering tots or fries but this time went with fries because I love their family secret seasoning that’s coated on top.

The burger itself is tender, juicy and full of flavor. Since there are carrots and celery mixed inside, I tell myself that I’m eating healthy. It’s so finely chopped in the burger, you almost can’t tell it’s there. The burger patties range between 1/3 and 1/4 pound but with the side of fries it’s more than enough to leave you satisfied at lunch. To end it all the bun itself is nice and soft but doesn’t get all soggy with the burger.

Mr. Bud's Brothers

Overall a fantastic burger accompanied by a down to earth staff. I know a lot of you are burger connoisseurs in town so if that’s the case, add them to your list stat.

Here’s their menu:

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