You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried the Taqueria El Fogon Al Pastor Pizza

I love zany ideas and will rarely say no to anything. My barber sent me an idea I knew I had to try….. pizza with al pastor.

The title of this blog is extremely misleading because Taqueria El Fogon does not make pizza but they do have some of the best al pastor in town.

How could one make this possible? I drove over to Little Caesar’s on East Harry and purchased a $5 cheese pizza.

Just around the corner is Taqueria El Fogon. I walked in with my pizza to the confused look of many. I asked how much a plate of Al Pastor would cost. They looked at me puzzled until I revealed to them my idea to cover the pizza in their prized meat. They sold me a half pound of Al Pastor for $9 and change. (Remember to bring cash)

That was exactly enough to cover the entire pizza.

They then offered me some salsas to take home and place in the box similar to what Papa John’s does with their garlic sauce.

I made my way home and loved every bite of it. It was even better when I added in both the red and green salsa. You could barely taste any of the tomato sauce originally on the pizza.

Nobody else at home was as excited as I am. Some people questioned whether it was from Little Caesars which was understandable given the grasshopper incident. I think they are conditioned to kind of roll their eyes or question the validity anytime I walk in with glee and something strange in my hand.

But here’s the thing, Al Pastor on a pizza isn’t all that crazy. In fact, I bet if many people gave it a try they too would enjoy it.

Thanks to Taqueria El Fogon for not kicking me out when I walked in the door when the pizza!

Happy Dining,

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