First Look at Wichita Chicken

One of the new restaurants in town replaced a former Church’s Chicken. Wichita Chicken, located at 1305 N Hillside, has been making claims on Facebook to be the best chicken in Wichita. It was time to put it to the test to see if I agreed.

1305 N Hillside
Wichita, Kansas 67208

Sunday – Thursday: 9am – 12am
Friday – Saturday: 9am – 1am


Cash/Card Accepted

On my visit to Wichita Chicken, I ordered a spicy 3-piece meal with jambalaya rice. Since 2019 was all about the chicken sandwich, I had to get one of those to see how it compared to the competition.

I was told they were out of spicy chicken and it’d be about 15 minutes for another batch. So while it was a bit of a wait for fast food, at least I knew my meal would come out fresh.

After a brief wait, my meal came out piping hot. The chicken was fresh out of the fryer so I gave it some time to cool down. I started off with the jambalaya rice. It didn’t have too much of a kick, was more on the runny side and just a tad too salty for me. If they toned down on that, it would have been much better. But even with that, I probably would order it again.

Next up was the fried chicken. The skin was nice and crispy and the meat underneath was fairly juicy. The pieces of chicken were much bigger than my most recent visit to Popeyes across the street so that was a plus. My biggest issue with the chicken was there wasn’t much flavor to anything. My chicken was supposed to be spicy and there was no semblance of heat to be found. It tasted so much like regular chicken I was tempted to ask if they accidentally gave me regular instead of spicy. The chicken had so much going for it until I bit in and left underwhelmed by the flavor.

That theme kind of carried on into the chicken sandwich. There was a big huge piece of chicken in the sandwich, it was definitely filling but it was missing that extra pep to liven up my taste buds.

My takeaways from the first visit there was the service was friendly, the food was fresh and they weren’t hitting on all cylinders yet.

Wichita Chicken missed on the flavor of the chicken for me but hit on other areas like juiciness, freshness, and any other -ness word I could think of. There’s room for improvement and probably warrants another visit in a few months.

Here’s their menu:

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