Experiencing P.M. Sessions at the Canvas’ 11-course blind menu private dinner

We last discussed this dining experience at P.M. Sessions at the Canvas over a year ago.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s ran by the owner of Gaga’s Grub, Dustin Presley.

It’s an experience that’s really rare in town and available by reservation. The bookings are available 7 nights a week for parties of 6 to 12 people. When you make your reservations, you are treated to a multi-course blind menu dinner. Of course, he does take into account any food allergies people may have. Dinners are available for private parties and he just recently opened them up to public seating dinners in case you cannot fill a table yourself.

These dinners start at $50 per person for 8 courses, the menu and courses dictate the budget thereafter.

We had our first Reader Dinner where we were joined by readers of the blog for an evening of delicious food, food talk, wine drinking, more food talk, more wine, more food and lots of fun.

3088 W 13th Street
Wichita, KS 67203

Available by reservations only


Cash/Card Accepted

For those who make reservations for parties of 6-12, there’s a big table set up in the dining room area for your party. It’s also BYOB, so you’re welcome to bring your own beverage of choice. Everyone brought a long different bottles of wine which we shared with the group.

What happened next is best described in pictures. Over the next two hours, we were treated to small little plates that didn’t seem like much. But those small plates really started to add up along with all that wine. By the end of the evening, there were many smiles along with food-induced drowsiness.

Yes I see you Knork….

Here’s our 11-course blind dinner at P.M. Sessions at the Canvas.

Fruit/veggie stock shot. We treated this more of like a palate cleanser between the dishes. When I say we I meant everybody else since anytime I see a shot glass, I feel obligated to drink it all.

Chicken tortilla

Dustin really brought the heat with this one.

Blackened salmon cake, almond/golden raisin granola, chipotle cranberry mousse, waffle stix, apple/peach custard, red wine hibiscus syrup

The chipotle cranberry mousse was like crack. I’ve personally never had crack before but that’s how I envision how addicting it could be.

Steel head trout, confite tomato, mango/bacon/apple/Anaheim sauté, mango pesto vinaigrette

People around me commented what a beautiful combination it was between the steel head trout and the sauté that came along with it. Job well done here for sure.

Sweet chile sorbet

This was one of the biggest shockers to everybody at the table. Who would have ever thought of using sweet chile to make a cool treat? It had a vibrant spicy kick to it that I would have gladly eaten a gallon of.

Pork tenderloin, red onion/strawberry, taters, spiced honey/garlic carrots, golden beet/poblano sauce

I really took my time with this dish. I wanted to enjoy every single bite as I knew I would be getting full soon.

Flank, fennel/onion, parsnip/pear sauce, green onion/garlic sauce

Mmmmmm tender and even better with the green onion/garlic sauce.

Pork soup

This was the warm hug my throat needed with a sick kid at home who’s been coughing all week.

Duck/apple sauté, tomato bisque

Who doesn’t love duck?

K.C. poblano/green bean/carrot, blue cheese, demi, spiced tomato/cranberry sauce, cilantro oil

How I was able to finish the tenth dish down was a surprise to me. This was a must-try for any carnivore.

Caramelized onion/apple/bacon fried bread pudding, tequila rose cream, ancho Chile syrup, anise syrup, white wine blackberry/raspberry/green grape, balsamic/port reduction

And cheers to a wonderful dinner.

After the last bite, all I wanted to do was jump into some sweat pants and call it a night. Now that I think about it, the next time I do this I may just arrive in pajamas.

With any private dinner, the service was fantastic. Dustin was engaging with everybody, threw out some jokes here and there, and had a positive vibe to him. The environment made it very conducive to talk food and enjoy everyone’s company.

When it comes to dining experiences in Wichita, this is one of those unique offerings that everybody should try at least once. Remember the name: P.M. Sessions at the Canvas.

Check out their website for more details.

Happy Dining,

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