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We’ve been adding in more home-based businesses to our review list for 2020. More of them seem to be popping up but one of the at-home shops that’s been around for a while has been Cheaper by the Dozen. One of the immediate questions people have is whether these home-based businesses are licensed. The answer is yes, they’ve been licensed and inspected.

It’s ran by a couple who has been doing it for a few years now. They offer baking, catering and more. Most of their meals can be picked up at different areas in town. I saw an enchilada special advertised on their Facebook page so my family gave it a try this week.

Cash/Venmo/PayPal Accepted

The family meal offered was $35 for two pans of enchiladas (beef, chicken, or cheese), a quart of Mexican rice, and your choice of cake (Cake: chocolate, German chocolate, peanut butter, white almond, red velvet or carrot).

I sent my order over private message and they allowed me to split my two pans of enchiladas between beef and chicken. I also went with chocolate cake per the kids decision. Personally, I would have chosen carrot cake but the kids won out in the democracy called home.

Pickup was set for Tyler and Kellogg and everything was ready when I arrived.

Each pan came with six fully loaded enchiladas. Seriously for $35, there was enough to feed us for lunch and dinner. The enchiladas were quite tasty. While they were light on the sauce, the flavor still came out in a big way. People were split on which one they liked better; my preference was the beef. They were soft, easy to cut into and very filling. The Mexican rice was different from traditional Mexican rice I’ve had at some restaurants but still good. It had a smokier aftertaste than what I was accustomed to which was ok.

Then of course the cake. The kids had no problem with this but it was something we had to save for later since everyone was already full from dinner.

There were PLENTY of leftovers, so I might be eating enchiladas the rest of the week.

From looking at their Facebook page, they do all sorts of different meals and recently offered an Easter special as well.

Remember it’s a home-based business so you either have to call in your order or message them.

Happy Dining,

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5 thoughts on “Cheaper by the Dozen Review”

  1. Very cool! We love Cheaper by the Dozen and it’s nice to have a truly home-cooked meal without the work and mess. Their prices are reasonable, especially when compared to the frozen stuff restaurants make, and it feels good to support a local family.

  2. Years ago, before they went “big time”, i would buy cookie platters and baked breads from them-out of an SUV at a QT parking lot. I’ve recommended them to businesses for catering and once I eat all my own leftovers, I’m definitely going to get this meal deal!

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