East Wichita loses one pizza spot in a loaded area of town

Readers kept commenting on Picasso’s Pizzeria East located at 5900 E Central. They noticed the building was being emptied out. I made a quick ask to Jessica Schmidt at Picasso’s and she confirmed they did close but would keep their original Delano location open.

No definite reason was given on why they decided to close but looking into a 3.5 mile radius, it was such a crowded area for pizzas:

Wichita Brewing Company – 535 Woodlawn Street
Knolla’s Pizza – 7732 East Central
Il Vicino – 4817 East Douglas
– Ziggy’s Pizza – 3700 East Douglas Avenue
Domino’s Pizza – 327 North Hillside
Little Caesars – 6410 E Central
Papa Murphy’s – 4813 East Central
Pizza Hut – 8139 East Central
Pizza Hut – 410 North Hillside
– Angelos – 5231 E Central

It is an extremely saturated market near Central and Woodlawn and that had to play a part but that’s all my guess.

Regardless fans of Picasso’s Pizzeria can still head to 621 W Douglas for a huge individual slice of pizza.

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  1. Think a lot of it had to do with The fact that the music level in that restaurant was so loud. We even had a 20 something gal with us and she thought it was entirely too loud. We could not even enjoy our meal that day. Ridiculous.

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