Trying out the Cajun and Asian food from home-based Happy Eggroll

Browsing through Facebook, I’ve seen many new home-based businesses popping up. With the increase, I figured why not check more of them out? Who knows, one of these home-based businesses could eventually turn into the next big local restaurant.

The latest outing introduced me to Happy Eggroll. I saw they were advertising American Cajun & Asian food, mainly crawfish and egg rolls. You can find them on Facebook here.

There was no available menu but saw they did have some prices listed on a few items.

For instance crawfish was sold at $12.99 a pound or $10.99 for anybody who purchased 3lbs or more. You could add corn or potatoes for $3 or sausages at $4.50. They also had fried rice for $10 and a dozen egg rolls for $10.

We went with four pounds of crawfish, shrimp fried rice and a dozen egg rolls. I split the four pounds with a friend of mine and took the rest home to eat for our family Easter brunch.

The egg rolls were a little different from what we were accustomed to. There was some spice inside that we couldn’t detect what it was but gave the egg rolls a very distinct flavor. The rice was a huge portion and had a smokey aftertaste. It was all certainly different from the recipes I grew up on or have had recently from other places.

The crawfish was a huge winner from everybody who tried it. While they were a bit on the small size which could be because of the season, they really nailed it on the flavor which was solid as one friend put it. Like everything else, there was a kick of spice that was different from some other Viet-Cajun options served around town but it all fit perfectly. The aroma was even amazing. Big thumbs up from all of us.

As noted, Happy Eggroll is a home-based business meaning they don’t have a location. Orders can be placed by direct messaging their Facebook page. The prices included delivery. I’m not sure what area of town they cover, but we met on the west side of town for what it’s worth.

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