Grabbing some ice cream in Mulvane, KS from Lil’ Deuce Scoop

I had the urge to branch out again and try out a place I’ve never been to. Considering I’ve tapped out essentially every restaurant there is to go to in Wichita, I hopped in my car and drove out to Mulvane, KS. My only experiences with dining in our neighbors to the south has been Luciano’s and restaurants inside the Kansas Star Casino. A few places caught my eye. One of them was Laurie’s Kitchen which was my intended stop but a 25-minute train got me there right as they closed. An audible was made and one of the Mulvane visits brought me to Lil’ Deuce Scoop.

110 W. Main St., Mulvane, Kansas 67110

Open Daily 8am – 11pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Lil Deuce Scoop is an ice cream shop, candy store and restaurant right on Main Street. Considering I had lunch just minutes before this, I wanted to still pop in and grab an ice cream cone.

The restaurant has a full-fledged menu, but I was on a mission for dessert.

There were over 20 flavors to choose from. If you’re curious, their ice cream is shipped in from Madison, WI from Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company. They make genuine, award-winning, farm-fresh, super-premium Wisconsin ice cream. (Yes…..that’s verbatim from their signage).

After browsing through all the options to choose from, I wanted something that wasn’t so rich and heavy. I decided on their Lemon Poppy Seed which was all natural, fresh and bright lemon ice cream speckled with poppy seeds.

So many times I regret the flavor I go with and wish I chose something else; not the case here. It was vibrant and refreshing. The lemon wasn’t so powerful either, it was toned down. Just like they said, it was very creamy. Simply put, it was some damn good ice cream.

Before all that happened, there was an older gentleman who was paying for meals for himself and another person. They gave him a discount because he was a retired veteran. At that moment, I felt like paying it forward and handed my card to pay for it all and thanked him for his service. Here’s the cool kicker. As I was paying for my ice cream, the lady working the cashier station paid for mine. Just a sweet pay it forward moment.

As I looked over, they offer daily discounts every day for different groups.

While I sat there and ate my ice cream, many more customers would walk in and be greeted. There was a true mom-and-pop ice cream shop feel to the place that I really enjoyed. It was the type of place I wish was just down the street from my house.

It was a great little stop during my mini-Mulvane restaurant tour. If I knew the ice cream would hold up on the drive back home, I would have easily grabbed a few pints to take with me.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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