Trying out Breakfast with La Pasadita

In checking out more Wichita area restaurants, I made the drive out to Haysville to start my day at a Mexican restaurant called Breakfast with La Pasadita. They specialize in Mexican pastries, desserts and breakfast staples.

418 W. Grand Ave
Haysville, Kansas 67060

Tuesday – Friday: 7:30am – 1:30pm
Saturday: 8am – 1pm
Sunday: 8am – 1pm
Closed on Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

During my visit, they were nearly out of pastries. It looked as though those items were very popular on the weekends. But I didn’t let that deter me from getting some food as I ordered off of their breakfast menu.

I went with their croissant sandwich with ham, eggs and cheese along with an order of biscuits and gravy. Everything was made fresh and came out piping hot.

When it comes to biscuits and gravy, I want as much gravy poured over the top as possible. I’m the type of guy who makes sure every biscuit bite is soaked in gravy. Fortunately, Breakfast with La Pasadita had the same mindset as me. On top of that, their gravy was loaded with sausage and ham. And then to add even more positives, the biscuits were soft and fluffy. It was truly a winning combination.

As for my croissant sandwich, I loved the flavor of it. They included a thick cut of ham to go along with the eggs and cheese. The croissant was fresh and had an amazing aroma to it. My one issue with it was the sandwich was soggy in a matter of minutes. After a few bites, my sandwich required a fork and knife as it fell completely apart. All the flavors were there but it just didn’t delivery in “sandwich form”. Was it still a good meal though? 100%.

Even though they were essentially out of pastries, I was told they could make fresh churros. That was a no-brainer for me. I ordered two on my way out. And yes, they were exactly how a churro should taste.

The lady working that morning was incredibly nice. There were probably a handful of customers coming in and she was very engaging with everyone. She had a nice presence to her that made me feel as if I was in her own home.

Two thumbs up at Breakfast with La Pasadita.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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