First Look at Hungry Bunny Virtual Donut Shop

There’s a new virtual spot for one of our early morning cravings. Hungry Bunny Virtual Donut Shop recently launched as a home-based business. They sell an assorted arrangement of donuts that are 100% cruelty-free, no dairy, eggs or yeast are used. They also have gluten free donuts available as well. Another difference is the donuts are baked and not fried.

Venmo/CashApp Accepted

With a virtual shop, that means all orders are taken online via her Facebook page. Orders are taken through the week and delivered on Thursdays and Fridays. A half dozen cost $20 and a full dozen runs $25. Since it’s a home-based business, everything at the moment is all via delivery where there is a $5 local flat fee.

To get a full sense of the menu and simply support another up-and-coming business, I opted to do the assorted dozen and order every single flavor. I had the delivery taken to Deville’s Barber Shop. Knowing we wouldn’t eat the full dozen at home, I figured it’d be cool to celebrate National Donut Day with the barbers there by giving them half the order.

Once I made my order, I paid for it via Venmo. They told me my order would be delivered between 9am and 12pm so that was one drawback. If you are wanting donuts very early in the morning, it wasn’t an option at the time.

Once I received my order, I gave half of them to the barbershop and took the rest home to share with my family. The guys over at the shop told me they were very delicious.

Personally I really enjoyed them. The texture was similar to a cake donut but not as dense. They were surprisingly lighter than they appeared. I’m also a huge fan of lighter flavors and they really nailed it with the strawberry shortie and blueberry cream chz which happened to be my favorite. One of the kids who doesn’t even like donuts loved her chocolate crunch which was topped with Vegan Oreo cookies.

Overall everybody was happy with the donuts. I’m sure the price could be a detractor for some people. A half dozen donuts or an assorted gluten free dozen delivered can run you $4.17 per donut. An assorted dozen delivered makes it $2.91 a donut. But value is all in the mouth of the beholder and there’s a price to pay with the process they use to keep it all cruelty-free. If you enjoy the food, the price shouldn’t matter. I enjoyed the donuts as did everybody else. They had no idea where the donuts came from or how much they cost. I simply gave them the donuts and gathered their thoughts. The end result was a thumbs up all around.

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