BurgerFi appears to be done in Wichita


In 2018, the eco-minded burger chain, BurgerFi, serving grass-fed beef burgers opened their doors in Wichita. The higher-end burger restaurants in New Market Square brought on many mixed reviews from burger aficionados debating whether the price was worth it.

During the COVID-19 ordeal, BurgerFi temporarily closed their doors. Messages have come in from people curious whether they closed their doors for good.

While it hasn’t been confirmed officially by BurgerFi, I have received a message from a marketing source involved with BurgerFi that they are indeed closing. Another report from a local businessman says the interior has been cataloged for auctioning this morning by McCurdy Auction.

While the phone line remains open and redirected to a global message and their Google listing remains “temporarily closed”, all other signs appear to point differently. I’m calling it, BurgerFi looks to be no more in Wichita.

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