Wichita needs more vended ice like Twice the Ice

Have you ever seen one of this little kiosk sitting in the parking lot? It’s called Twice The Ice and they are independently owned self-serve ice and water vending machines that operate 24 hours a day.

I love these things and wish they were available at every Dillons or gas station in town. The two biggest things about them are price and convenience.

While I don’t do the water dispenser, a gallon is 25-cents, 3 gallons is 60-cents and 5-gallons is a dollar. The 5 gallon price is half the price of the other competitors.

For $2 you can get 20 pounds of ice that you can drop right into your cooler or you can go for a 16 pound bag of ice. That prices also beats the competition around town.

They only take cash, at least many of the ones I’ve seen does.

I looked at the location list on Twice the Ice’s website and it looks like there are twelve locations in the Wichita area that includes Haysville, Derby, Maize and Bel Aire.

I’m not really sure how the machine works. From looking at the size of the setup and the short stairs leading up to the door along with a cement pavement possibly covering a hidden world underneath, my guess would be Oompa Loompas. Twice Is Ice pumps out so much ice everyday the hardworking people of Oompa Loompas would be able to be that efficient.

The end result is an affordable bag of premium ice.

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