Gluten-Free Mediterranean Meals from Chef Eric at Fusion Restaurant

There’s a gluten-free Mediterranean option in Wichita that people may not know about. It’s operated by Chef Eric Dug Dug. With The Fusion Restaurant closed in the evenings, Chef Eric utilizes the space a few days a week to offer his unique gluten-free creations. I’ve been following Chef Eric on Facebook for sometime. He closed briefly during COVID-19 but reopened over the weekend.

1812 W Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS 67203

Thursday – Saturday: 5pm – 9pm
Closed Sunday – Wednesday


Cash/Card Accepted

At the moment, Chef Eric is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I saw that he posted a special featuring chocolate hummus online. That caught my eye and was enough to push the place up my list to visit. *Editor’s Note: This shows the importance of posting pictures of dishes on social media. People choose where to eat with their eyes.

Upon walking in, I ordered the chocolate hummus which was $5 and asked for suggestions on what to get for dinner. The lady at the counter recommended chicken m’bakbaka. I’ve never heard of it before and said sure without asking what it was. After looking at the menu after I placed my order it’s a Libyan pasta in a spicy tomato stew with braised chicken.

It took maybe all of 8-10 minutes for my order, and I was headed home.

The chocolate hummus at first glance did not look all that appealing. Even the kids had a double take when I presented it to them. But I had them dip the banana chips in for a sample, and they all were, “Wow, that does take like chocolate!” I didn’t bother to ask the people at Chef Eric how it was made or what it consisted of but it was really like eating straight chocolate. The banana chips were the perfect dipper for them too.

The chicken m’bakbaka was also more filling than I thought it’d be. Although it wasn’t all that spicy but it was still a delicious dish with subtle flavors that would tickle your taste buds. For those into drunk meals, this made for an awesome dish after a night of drinking later.

I’m not really focused on gluten-free foods but was open to trying anything. Chef Eric delivered on both accounts and made me a believer. Check him out at The Fusion Restaurant or he’s also available for catering.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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