Let’s Review On The Border!

Let’s review On The Border!

On The Border is a Tex-Mex chain that was started back in 1982 in Dallas, TX. It’s a mostly nationally based in the United States with a small footprint in South Korea. With over 150 locations in the country, there are two here in Wichita. For the purposes of this review, we stopped by their New Market location.

I have many fond memories of their Bradley Fair location as they were the first restaurant I had my first legal 21-year-old drink. And it was also the place I would spend many Cinco De Mayos back when they had a big parking lot party like 15 years ago.

The family came along for this trip, and we (the adults) started off with a couple of cool beverages. It feels wrong to stop by On The Border and not order at least one swirl.

We then started our dinner with complimentary chips and salsa along with an order of queso. When it comes to Tex-Mex salsa, On The Border has always been one of my favorites. It has a nice lingering heat which I’ve always loved. For some people, they find it too spicy but I think it’s a great balance. As for the queso, the kids seemed to really love it as it was gone by the end of dinner.

We all ordered an assortment of different dishes. I had a Pick-3 meal and chose two enchiladas with a side of chicken tortilla soup. The enchiladas at On The Border have never been anything special for me but for some reason I’ve always ordered them. The same went for the rice, it was on the dry side which it is usually and I’ve found myself pouring salsa over it to make it more enjoyable. Let’s be honest, it’s not really that great but it’s my go to when I’m at On The Border…. probably by default.

What I thought was surprisingly good was the chicken tortilla soup. It was a good portion size and had a good flavor to it.

One of the kids had the fajitas and wasn’t really impressed with it. She found it to be a bit bland.

Things got worse from there. We ordered a steak burrito and it came out with chicken….. and the chicken was dry. We did mention it to our server, and she apologized and said she accidentally rang it up with chicken and not steak.

Then it got worse from there. One of the kids ordered a beef and bean burrito. A beef and bean burrito has been something we’ve probably ordered 100 times. All 100 times it’s been beef and refried beans. But on this one random trip to On The Border, we were given a beef and black bean burrito; probably the grossest burrito in all nearly ten years of blogging for me. Since when did beef and bean burritos consist of black beans? Black beans are the glitter of the bean world. After mentioning the first order mess up to our server, we didn’t even bother with mentioning this one.

The worst part? We were charged extra for the black beans on our receipt. WTF!

The kids were less than pleased with their visit, and they were the main reason we even went to On The Border. The nostalgic memories of my twenties at On The Border have long passed. We would definitely go back to OTB for drinks but for food (let alone correct food orders) we’d go elsewhere for Tex-Mex.

Here’s the menu:

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