Must Try Menu Item: Prahok Ktiss at Happy Eggroll

It’s time to make another suggestion on a menu item in Wichita. The latest stop took me to a home-based business called Happy Eggroll. They serve Cambodian dishes with Cajun and other Asian inspired flare. In fact, they will also be opening a restaurant later this year in west Wichita.

Since they are just a home-based business, all orders can be placed through their Facebook page. One dish that caught my eye and is now the topic for the latest installment in the “Must Try Menu Item” feature is their Prahok Ktiss w/pea eggplants.

I’ve never had Prahok Ktiss before and never heard of it going into the meal. If you were like me and curious as to what it was, here’s what I found on Google.

Khmer prahok ktiss recipe makes the deliciously rich Cambodian dip made from fermented fish and minced pork that is served with fresh crispy vegetables. It also makes a great introduction to the use of the Cambodia’s beloved prahok and the herb and spice paste called kroeung.

Even when I searched online, I still had no real idea what to expect until I picked it up.

The prahok ktiss cost $22 and comes with a big quart of dish along with a big heaping container of veggies.

Once I arrived home, I tried to channel my inner Martha Stuart and set up the presentation as so. This was the best I could do.

As noted early, it’s essentially a Cambodian dip. I found myself dipping all the vegetables in it and at times making mini lettuce wraps. In theory, I should have stopped by the grocery store on my way home to pick up additional vegetables like carrots to offer more variety for me to dip with.

The flavor was unreal, it wasn’t all that pungent. I thought it’d be given the ingredients but something in the dish perhaps coconut milk or something really toned it down. There was also a slight curry aftertaste which was magnificent. To add to that, it was also VERY spicy. I had to finish my entire meal in quarters because the heat began to multiply with each bite. I’d eat a bunch, take a break to give my taste buds a break, and then return for more. It was the good type of heat that was flavorful and kept you coming back for more.

Simply put, the prahok ktiss was a big winner. I loved it, even more because it was totally brand new to me proving that trying new things can pay off.

As noted, Happy Eggroll is a home-based business meaning they don’t have a location. Orders can be placed by direct messaging their Facebook page. The prices included delivery.

Facebook (Orders accepted through Facebook)
Cash Only

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