Whataburger is coming to Kansas! But where…..

My favorite national burger chain, Whataburger, is celebrating their 70th Anniversary. They recently put out a press release talking about expansion and something in there was worth noting for everybody here in Wichita. See below:

And much of our work has been future focused. We’ve got some exciting news. Whataburger is building 35 restaurants (25 company and 10 franchise) in 2021. We’re expanding into new markets (Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee) and adding to our long-standing Franchisee family by partnering with new franchisees for the first time in 20 years. And later this week, we’re unveiling our Whataburger Food Truck at an event supporting educators on Thursday, Aug. 6th.

While Whataburger has mainly been found in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma, the company did announce possible expansion in the future. It’ll be the first time the restaurant has franchised in almost twenty years.

No word yet on where exactly in Kansas the first Whataburger could be. They’ve already announced one for Kansas City, MO possibly thanks in large part to Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes tweet.

If I was a betting man, I’d say the first Whataburger in Kansas will likely be in the Overland Park area somewhere closed to the Missouri border. But I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that they’ll put the first one in Wichita….. in my backyard.

But for now, it looks like we will have to wait to see exactly what the expansion plans are. Whataburger is a polarizing restaurant. People either really love them or find them to be disappointing. I, for on, cannot wait!

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2 thoughts on “Whataburger is coming to Kansas! But where…..”

  1. Wish they’d put it in Augusta Ks! Why? Because it’s a short distance to drive to from Wichita and there is less competition. There is something to be said for the short travel to your favorite restaurant. If they build it in Wichita by the time you get there you may change mind because of competition. Whataburger should consider how well it would do in Wichita area by how far people are willing to travel to get it… especially if business is continually really good.

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